About Us

Oza Associates is a leading Government Registered Valuation firm of India incepted in the year 1991. With its office located in Mumbai and Aurangabad, the firm is committed to providing highest level of service to its clients. For the last 2 decades the company has been selflessly rendering valuation services to diverse set of clients ranging from Honorable Indian Courts, Central and State Government Undertakings, Banks and Financial Institutions, Corporate houses, Developers, Investors, Multi National Companies, High Net worth individuals etc.

The company has to its credit valuation assignments for various segments of real estate ranging from vacant lands to industrial factories to townships, etc. The purposes of these assignments again vary from dispute resolutions, financial assistance, amalgamations, asset reconstruction, etc.

The company emphasis in assisting, guiding and advising, these diverse set of clients, to the best potentialities of their assets and the best ways to exploit them. The role of Oza Associates has been well applauded by these clients as they have been able to achieve the best from their hard toiled assets.

The company with its high standards and professionalism has executed numerous assignments for Mesne Profits, Land Acquisition matters, market rent disputes, etc in which the firms reports have played a significant role in the legal proceedings and have been upheld by the Courts.

The men at the helm of the company affairs have a rich expertise in the field and have to their credit a track of handling numerous tricky assignments for purposes varying from legal dispute settlements, restructuring, financial exposures, etc.

We specialize in supporting NRI's, and other in-absentia valuations for property owners living abroad or are located in other locations and are in need of valuation of their property in confidence without their physical presence.

Valuations include

For-Sale purposes, Visa purpose, for Courts, Arbitration, Bank Loans, Private loans, Income Tax Purpose Valuation, Wealth Tax Valuations, CBDT Valuations, Capital Gains Tax Valuations, Valuation for Court purpose, Valuations for Family Dispute resolution, Valuation for Family settlement purposes, Valuation of Property for division of property, Immigration Purpose Valuations, Valuations for emigration to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, UK, Valuation for EPCG purposes, Valuation and Certification for Central Excise purposes, Valuation for Bonded Warehouse Certification purposes, Valuation to meet Government requirments for Importers and Exporters obligations, Valuations for all other miscellaneous purposes, etc.

We also undertake Business Valuations, Valuation of Running Concerns like SEZ, Petro Chemical Plants, Steel Industries, Diagnostic Center Valuation, Telecommunication Giants etc.

Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuation of a Brand, Valuation of SEZ's & Petrochemical/IT/ITES Zones, Valuation of a Hospital, Valuation of a running Hotel, Valuation of a Company, Valuation of a Business Center, Valuation of a Pharma Company, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Valuations, Valuation of a Steel Plant, Valuation of a Power Project and other types of Valuations.

We undertake and provide Machinery Installation Certificates by Chartered Engineer for EPCG purposes and for duty drawbacks, or for Import licensing purposes, Structural Stability, Measurement verification, or any other type of requirements and similar other requirements.

We undertake all types of Survey Work like Land Survey, Building Survey, Topographic Survey etc.

We undertake Independent and Fair valuation´╗┐ of Art , valuation of Sculpture, valuation of Rare artefacts, Antiques, Collectibles, Furniture, Iconic Designs, Abstract Art, Probate and Insurance Valuations, House or Office Contents and Works of Art Valuation, Valuation for family division purposes, Star Hotel Valuation of Curiosities, Art Collections, Granite Quarry Valuations, different types of mine valuations etc.